Business Networking

Quality prospects are persons who really want your product or service, can afford it, and have the power to decide. If you need them, join our Internet based business network. This is not multi-level or network marketing.

Membership in our business network will enable you to interact with other marketing and sales professionals who know the good principles of business networking, i.e, helping one another for business growth. You can also find customers among its members and exchange ideas that can be applied to your business.

Interaction among members of our business network is done mostly online but members in Metro Manila meet offline in Makati or elsewhere every other week. You're also invited to join:

Tagaytay Business Club

Sta. Rosa City Marketing Club

It might interest you to know that my resources include over 5,000 friends on and 2,900 connections on plus numerous contacts in several groups I've created. I can also share my exclusive rights over certain products and services.

To your success.
Gerry Pira