Interactive Video Advertising for Business Marketing and Promotion

This group was created to explore the huge opportunities
that are emerging in the Video Advertising Industry Online.
Particularly how to use the next generation of Interactive
media components to market your products and services
to generate more leads, business and sales..

This topic is relevant to "ANY" business or
Industry you may be involved with.

Please keep posts and content related to these subjects.

All topics relating to this medium will be explored.
- Automated Lead Capture Systems
_ Social Media Integration
_ FB Fan Page Custom Tabs
- Converting fans to subscribers
- Auitomated - Follow Up Auto-Responders
- Equipment and Software
- Production
- Video Formats
- Compression and Transcoding
- IT Infrastructure
- Hosting and Bandwidth
- Distribution
- Search Engine Positioning
- Marketing - Video Email - DIY
- Affiliate Programs
- Pay Per View
- E-Commerce
- Secure Digital Download
- "How To" Tutorials
- Tips and Tricks
- Etc....
I think this list covers pretty
much everything you need to know.
Did I miss anything? If so please post
it on the discussion board and we'll discuss it.

Please keep posts and content related to these subjects.

The wall is not a billboard for Advertising, MLM opportunities, invitations to join other groups or videos that funnel users into lead capture systems.
Any content not related specifically to the topics
of this group to help users create their own
content will be removed.

Thank you for your input, sharing and creativity.

Hal Tipper, Admin