Beauty Bloggers Malaysia (Butterfly Project)

Please read the rules of the official group page for The Butterfly Project Malaysia before joining. We share our reviews, tips, latest news related to all things girls love to do. The Butterfly Project would like to advise that young, new, or experience bloggers do not jump into any reviews without first making sure it is from a legitimate company / brand. The internet may look safe, but wolves are prowling around and we do not want to see anyone's safety compromise.

As a member of Beauty Bloggers Malaysia, you are expected to be active within the group. You are encouraged to interact with each other :)

1. This group is only for beauty & lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia.
2. We do not accept male bloggers unless they are a butterfly blogger.
3. No advertising, soliciting for bloggers & unapproved used of brand names or marketing of your products in here.
4. Strictly no MLM businesses.
5. No obscenity, nudity, violence or inappropriate behavior / news allowed in this group. We will remove and ban if necessary.

Should you want to collaborate with us, please email [email protected]

If you feel a news shared here is inappropriate, report it and we will take a look.