Buy, Sell or Exchange Kids Stuff - New York

Buy, Sell, Rent or Exchange Kids Stuff was founded to fulfill one purpose: to ensure your children grow with the toys they love. As your little ones get older, they'll constantly want new, fun, exciting toys. This is where we come in. We deliver a service where parents can provide their children with toys used, not only to play and enjoy, but also to learn and develop.

We know kids grow out of toys within a few weeks; some even get tired within days. Our offer is simple - instead of throwing said toys in the garbage or have them collect mounds of dust in the basement, give another parent the chance to exchange, purchase or rent! This ensures another child can have the same amazing time at a fraction of the price. A win win!

At Buy, Sell, Rent or Exchange Kids Stuff, we put toys where they are supposed to be: in the hands of the kids who will adore them. We make it easier because we believe all children deserve the chance to grow with their beloved toys. Toys can be old or new. If you want them, we'll send them your way. If you want to sell them, we can help you find a good home.
This makes it easier for parents. We will post your items publicly in other Facebook groups and pages, Craigslist, and other similar sites to bring interested parents to your listing.

Come and join the Buy, Sell, Rent or Exchange Kids Stuff family to give your little ones the chance to grow and love playtime!


We hope to make this group a positive and enjoyable experience, and to achieve this we need rules.

A great group has great members, and great guidelines.


1. Please list each item with a price, description and location.
List size if necessary.
This will save unnecessary questions being asked on your post.
2. Etiquette is important.
First to comment gets first refusal.
No selling to people from your inbox. Let's try to keep things fair public.
3. If you wish to list more than three items, please make an album.
If you do not know how, an admin will be more than happy to help.
4. Once you have sold your item(s), please remove it as this will help to
keep the page tidy.
5. Please feel free to add people who you think may benefit from the
group. They will be approved by an admin.
6. No advertisements to the wall. We have a file where you may do this.
Advertisements do not have to be specifically child related.
You are welcome to share any great deals or businesses in this file.
They will be approved by admins first.
7. No selling of illegal items is permitted.
8. No pacifier clips. They have been deemed unsafe.
9. Any items deemed not related to children in any way will be removed.

This page is child/parent related only.