BUY and SELL Bacolod


Raison d’être

BUY and SELL Group was intentionally created exclusively for local buyers and sellers in Negros Island. It is on this sole purpose that we can share among ourselves, the information for business and enhance the economic climate of our region.

The following are RULES and REGULATIONS of this forum. It is expected that every member should abide on it.


1. Don't post nonsense / irrelevant topic.

* Posting items/pictures that have nothing to do with SALES/BIZNIZ, will be removed from the page upon the discretion of the moderators after informing the author of the said post.

*If you posted any irrelevant topics, you will be informed and be given a warning. A cumulative issuance of 2 warnings will definitely BAN the member from the group.

2. Please Post comments in a polite way.

*Any insulting comments or any BAD posts/comments will be removed even without informing the author of the post and will be issued a warning. A cumulative issuance of 2 warnings will definitely BAN the member from the group. We do not tolerate behaviors that can destroy the friendship, camaraderie and credibility of this group.

3. If a member would like to negotiate for an item, PM the owner of the item instead. Post your EXPECTED/NEGOTIABLE PRICE to avoid a threading post. (It is used by some to make there post at top by simply commenting "HM?")

4. If you have any questions about any issues with the group, you can message admins.. PLEASE DO NOT POST COMPLAINS AND ISSUES ON THE WALL!!!

* Admins are available online 24/7 to accommodate your questions and request.

5. THREAD BUMPING is only allowed once per day. violators post will be immediately erased without notice.. this is to be fair for all members who post their ads in this group. for 3rd violation the member will be kicked and banned from the group immediately.

5. Please respect each post. Every individual is entitled to the way he/she presented his/her products or services. If you want respect, you must earn it for respect bequeaths respect.