Buy and Sell Philippines


1. NO posts that are not of a buy-and-sell nature. For MLMs, you can only offer your network's product/ service.

2. NO posting of the same item more than once in a day.

3. NO vulgarity or porn. This includes posting links to porn sites and posting profanity. Violators will be permanently banned from the group.

4. NO SCAMS.See below on how to report.

5. NO aggression/un-professionalism among members. This includes posting negative comments on another member’s ad and hijacking.

6. NO PIRACY - selling of media with pirated content/piracy services is strictly prohibited.

7. NO SELLING OF ILLEGAL UNLIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION, either USB plug-it types or WiMax modems (or even wired broadbands).

8. NO "Please like" and “Please share” posts. No selling of likes.

9. If you post a link to another page that gives details about what you’re selling, you must still give a brief description of the item(s) and price(s) or price range in your post.

10. NO posting of vague, unspecific teaser-type ads.

11. NO posting of links promoting other pages.

12. You are allowed to “up” your post no more than once every 24 hours from the last "up" comment or when the ad was posted. No "up"-ing other person's post.

13. No RECRUITING of any kind (incldg recruiting for another group)

Posts that fail to conform to any of these rules will be deleted by the admins W/O PRIOR NOTICE. Repeat offenders would be removed from the group.

14. Indicate if you are LOOKING FOR (LF) or SELLING (FS), the item name (on the post), description (on the post), & include ACTUAL pictures.

15. Indicate the selling price or your budget for faster transaction, as well as if it is negotiable. Real estate posts must include Total Contract Price. Items for sale or swap must indicate selling price and/or swap value. There is no need to indicate price only if you are looking for a straight swap (no cash involved) with a very specific item.

16. Indicate whether the item is brand new, second hand, original, or clone

17. No hijacking of thread/s.


1. Comment "scam" and provide proof.

2. Tag any of the admin.

3. For violations, click on the arrow at the upper right part of the post and then "report to admin".

NOTE: The administrators of this group are not in anyway legally liable for any fraudulent transaction/s happening between buyer(s) and seller(s). We are strongly asking the members to be vigilant with each transactions for their own safety.

DISCLAIMER: Please take note that this Facebook group is not affiliated with "Buy and Sell" magazine in the Philippines.