Feel free to post all your BEAUTY related posts right here. Doesn't matter if you want to buy or sell. Images & videos are more than welcome!


1. When you upload a photo of an item, and some one comments on it . You or the buyer must make an EFFORT to organise a place and time to meet and make the exchange. Only if the buyer hasn't gotten back to you and a date isn't set, then may you proceed to selling the item to the next person. The item isn't considered "yours" until you have made an arrangement to get the item.

2. If you want people to bid on the item, PLEASE SAY SO IN THE DESCRIPTION. Don't give something a price and then get greedy once everyone starts to show interest in your product.

3. In the description of the item, please include the Type, Price, Your location, and condition of the item.

4. PLEASE DELETE ITEMS AFTER THEY HAVE SOLD. This group is already as busy as it is, so please help keep it clean.

5. If I hear more than one complaint from a number of people about you, you will be removed from the group.

6.This group is for BEAUTY only. Any thing thats not BEAUTY related will be removed.

*BEAUTY BUY OR SELL NAMIBIA will not be held responsible for any sales made on this group, If a sale goes wrong between the buyer and seller,please do not drag me (The admin) into it.