garage sales - buy & sell - lake county, ohio (New group 08/2013)

Hi Everybody!
Thank you for showing interest in our page! Our page is about providing a hassle free place to put some extra cash in your pocket by selling & buying new & used items with locals (:

We ask everyone to follow some simple rules to keep our page safe and organized if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact an administrator and we will help any way we can.


PHOTO with the exception of "iso" post

Please provide the dimensions and color of the item. When necessary.

RULE OF THUMB: if buying an electronic, vehicle ect... make sure it works properly before paying. You as the buyer are responsible for the item in which you purchase.

NO guns, sex toys, CLOTHING, or drug related items are to be sold under this page, it will be deleted without a notification.

If an item has been sold please delete your post or write "SOLD" so an administrator can delete it for you, if a pick up is pending please write "PPU" so other potential buyers know, if the pick up falls through write "ITEM AVAILABLE"

please respond to comments on your post in a timely manner (24-48 hours)

Thank you and Happy Shopping (:


Jenna Marie

Andrea Kuhar

Lucy Loved

David Pechatsko

Dawn Yannella Cipra

Laura Lester-Knapik

Happy Shopping & Selling