Buy, Sell, Swap Baby Goods Clare Valley

A place to buy, sell & swap your baby goods locally. Click on the 'photos's tab next to the group name to access the albums & see all of the items currently for sale. Have fun buying & selling :)


1. Please use the existing albums to post your photos if you can. Add the details in a comment underneath & that will publish it to the wall. Please include item/ pickup location or any postage costs in the description.

2. First to comment on a photo has first option to buy and so on down the list.

3. Please mark items as sold when sale is confirmed.

4. Exchange payment & collection details via PM, remember this is still a public forum and it is not recommended to post mobile numbers or addresses on the wall.

5. Delete your photos when sale is complete or comment 'collected' so admin can delete for you.

6. Try to post/bump only 5 items in a row to share the wall space.

7. Bump only once in 24 hrs

8. Comment on your photos once a month to keep them active

9. All items listed are to have a set price. No "make an offer", no auctions

10. Do not impede a sale. If you have an issue with the seller or their listing price / condition etc, please PM the seller. Impeding comments will be removed and the commenter warned. Further impediments of sale will result in removal from the page.

11. Dishonest behaviour and / or bullying may result in removal from the page.

*If you have a suggestion, question or problem please send a PM to one of the group admins. Rachael McInerney, Renae Plueckhahn, Lisa Inglis or Rebecca Smith
Guidelines & FAQ

- To add photos to the albums
Click on 'photos' next to the group name (top right)
Select the appropriate album e.g baby equipment
Click + add photos (top right)

- Int/ interested = interested in buying,
- Bump = Bring Up My Post, brings your photo back to the top of the wall for people to see. Please refrain from doing this more than once in 24 hrs to give everyones items some air time :)
- PM = Private Message
- WTB = Wanted To Buy

Admins take no responsibility for transactions on this page. You buy and sell at your own risk.

By joining this page you agree to and are bound by the Page Rules.