Buy sell swap Catterick

Buisnesses - Should only be advertised if based in Catterick.

Sellers - Upload photos as normal, if you have a lot of items please use albums especially if its a lot of clothes.

Photo Posts - once a week, delete old one first, you can find old post easily by typing your name in search bar, all your post will come up. Please delete when sold, will save everyone wasting their time.

No Guns or Knives, illegal tobacco or illegal games, dvds, cds etc please.

No Swearing in post please, this is a family site.

Please note we accept no liability for any sales going wrong, buy and sell at your own risk, please check items before exchanging money, and we accept no liability for fake goods being sold or bought, however we do our best to delete posts that we suspect are fake or illegal.

If we feel your post is not acceptable it will be removed at our discretion.

Please follow the rules, they are there to make things easier and fair, we want this to be a happy site with no whingeing lol. However if you do take the mick we will have to ban you. Thanks.