This is the group that defines what greatness on Facebook is all about. The BLUE WORLD ORDER is the long arm of the law concerning all things UK Sports and Facebook. We all are kiss stealing, jet flying, wheeling dealing, SOB'S and we are the best thing going today. So let me introduce the world to my group: Jessica "UK GIRLIE" Cline or as we call her the first lady of Facebook, "The Universal Heartthrob" Timothy "M-Fing" Fraley, the "Dirty Dutchman" Keith Bohn, Rodney "The Beast" Lacer, Kimberly "Stone Cold" Padgett, Todd "The Hitman" Walters, Jeremy "You can't see me" Hilbert, the "Excellence of Execution" Jennifer King, Brandon "CUT THROAT" Holt, Jacob "The Mind Freak" Kiper, & the "Midget Killer" Scott Carroll. I am the original member of the Facebook Hall of Fame, I am the "Nature King" Mike Smith. I am loved by most and feared by a few idiots from south of the border. But know that if you don't like it "we will check you into the smackdown hotel at the corner of jabroni drive and know your role boulevard, if you smell what the hall of famers have cooking"!