The Pagan Spiral - Cairns & Far North Queensland Pagan Support Network

The Pagan Spiral

Cairns & Far North Queensland Pagan Support Community

About - The Pagan Spiral is a community network based in Cairns FNQ that supports those individuals who walk the earth centered traditions that have been reconstructed, revived or reinvented from the indigenous spiritual traditions alive in Europe before the modern age.

Mission – Our mission is to connect, inspire and empower witches and pagans throughout Cairns and Far North Queensland and allow them to thrive as individuals and empower their community.

Values - The Pagan Spiral and its members honor the following values

The Australian Pagan identity
Self Awareness
Emotional Equilibrium
Respect for the individual path
Veneration for nature
The Wheel of the year

Goals –The Pagan Spiral and its members aspire to the following goals

To assist the individual to build self-awareness, and awareness for the earth mother;
To assist the individual to establish their own power and emotional equilibrium;
To encourage the individual to go outside and connect with mother nature in all her glory and care for her;
To encourage the individual to follow the Pagan Wheel of the Year and in noticing the changes in their environment so too notice the changes within themselves;
To assist individuals living in Australia to connect more to the Australian indigenous flora and fauna and establish their own unique Australian pagan identity.

The Pagan Spiral Code of Conduct (all members please read) -

As a member of The Pagan Spiral you have opened your heart to receiving information and education about earth centric pagan practices in your local Far North Queensland area and throughout the world. Our group page is strictly dedicated to sharing information related to paganism and all spiritual paths that encompass this earth religion. These include but are not limited to animism, pantheism, traditional shamanism, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Druidism, Asatru, heathenism etc. The Pagan Spiral strongly supports the reconciliation of indigenous European spiritual tradition with that of the Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

The Pagan Spiral respects the rights of individuals to grow and nurture their path by sharing their opinion. However, the Pagan Spiral does not tolerate bullying, harassment or abuse towards others. Members who display this attitude will be removed from the group immediately. While the Pagan Spiral encourages diversity, it is foremost a pagan forum and therefore all posts must be relevant to earth centric pagan practice. Ideals that belong to revealed religions, new age philosophies such as star seed light worker or ascensionism are not relevant to the subject matter in this group.

If you have any questions in relation to these values please do not hesitate to contact The Pagan Spiral administrators Avalon Cameron and Willowren Saille