Cajun French Virtual Table Francaise
We've setup a google site as an extension to this group page. It's really there for ease of access to graphic's, lists and videos.

This group is setup for both beginner and advanced Cajun French speakers who wish to learn and / or teach to help preserve our language and our culture.

The future of our culture can only be saved by those of us living it today.

Please reach out to your family and friends who have an interest in developing their Cajun Language skills or they have something to offer and ask them to participate.

We want to promote an environment here of learning and sharing. No one needs to be intimidated by how little they know. We all have to start somewhere.

BEFORE starting a post on the word coonass, PLEASE read this first

Please do not post advertisements for businesses on the wall. We are happy to post about cultural events, CF programs and the such, but we don't want the wall to be an advertising billboard. Thank you for understanding.

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