Cake Newbs

Cake Newbs is all about the basics of cake decorating and learning to up your cake game. Feel free to ask questions about techniques, tools, materials, business questions etc and help each other out. Please discuss topics respectfully even if you disagree or you will be banned without warning.

Every day and admin will post a "Top Tip of the Day". These posts will be geared towards teaching newbie's something useful to help them grow as decorators.

1. You can only post a photo of your cake if you agree to receive feedback. This group is for LEARNING and constructive criticism is important for growing. You don't have to take the opinions given but by posting you agree to at least be open.
2. Keep posts on topic. No spam, vote for me or like my page stuff.
3. No "what would you price this cake for" posts please. They just overrun the group and vary so much from cake to cake, it's impossible to really give good advice on that topic.
4. Keep it polite. Can we be adults? It's ok to agree to disagree. We're not hear to fight about scratch or box, butter vs shortening or anything else but all are welcome to discuss anything as long as it's civil.
5. NO EFFERS! Please do not post "F" in the comments to "follow" we are trying to encourage thoughtful interaction. Please say "following" or even better, comment on the post to follow. If you want to follow silently, click the drop down menu in the upper right hand of the post and choose "get notifications"
6. No self serving pity posts. This group was not created to hand hold and coddle, but to help when needed. If you need to moan, gripe, have a pity party about how you feel about your level of caking, and compare yourself to others, this is not the group. Those posts will be deleted without warning