Calgary & Area Outdoor Swap & Shop

Hey All! So I've seen lots of groups on Facebook about selling clothes and pet's and what not but I haven't seen one for the average outdoor savvy individual! Buying brand new gear can get pretty expensive and as our lives go on and our interests change I'm sure people have some pretty cool items they don't use anymore!

Here are some examples of possible items to sell:
-Hiking Boots & Poles
-Canoes/Kayaks & Paddles & PFD's
-Outdoor type clothing ie. hats, gloves, fleece etc
-Backpacks of all sorts ie. expedition, multi-day, day hike etc.
-Outdoor cookware & utensils
-Climbing gear

And the list goes on. If you are selling equipment make sure that they still meet regulations and be honest with buying and selling!

The group is still a work in process so invite all your friends!