The Word of Entertainment

Dear all members,

The World of Entertainment is a group of fa...cebook created for the purpose of making fun, enhancing mutual understanding among facebookers from different cultures in the world, enlarging knowledge socially and economically, and promoting development and peace.

All members of The World of Entertainment Group have to follow the regulations formed by The World o Entertainment Group.

1. All members are not allowed to post sex photos (pictures) as well as seriously sexy photos which are not accepted according to Cambodian Culture.
2. All members are not allowed to post politic-related statuses, pictures..
3. All members have to ensure that there is not religious discrimination

If the any members break the regulations of the group, The World of Entertainment will terminate their memberships of this group after three-time warning...

The World of Entertainment would like to thank for your involvement in our group through posting, commenting and liking and ADDING GROUP MEMBERS.

Best Regards,

The World of Entertainment