Camera Gear

A place to sell our camera stuff.

1st and foremost. You MUST have something on your public profile that says you are in the photographic industry. Even if you are a weekend hobbyist, or a once a year shooter. We don't care how often or how good you are or aren't. We only want to know you are here to ACTUALLY invest some time in finding something of use, instead of spamming the group or taking advantage of anyone purchasing anything from you. If you can't do that, you won't be let in. So, make your photographic "work or art" PUBLIC. Thank you.

If you are looking for something in particular to buy, please use the search box on the top right (ie. the magnifying glass icon). If everyone posts what they are wanting to buy all the time it gets confusing, so let's only post stuff we're selling!

Please list asking price(s) and an accurate description when posting something for sale.

When it sells, delete the post!

Any non-related posts will be deleted. Please no self-promotion or links to giveaways.

Please no bumping the posts!

If you dont want notifications every time someone has posted here, just change your notification settings.