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Manchester Bars - Canal Street - The Gay Village Manchester's Gay Village is without doubt the livliest area of the city and this is reflected by the number of pubs, bars and clubs dotted around Canal Street, or 'anal treet' as it's also affectionately known locally.

Canal Street is the name most widely associated with Manchester's Gay Village. Lined with gay bars, clubs, cafe's and shops, it's packed at night time with gays, lesbians, transexuals and transvetites who have flocked to the area from all over the world. Many attracted by the Queer
As Folk television drama which was based here.

Whilst 'The Village' is full of gay bars, most of them are straight friendly and the popularity of the area with hetrosexuals underlines the welcoming open-minded attitude Mancunians are famed for. A great time is guaranteed for anybody, gay straight or bi-sexual See More