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So the BANDH Call has been taken back???
In first place the action plan was faulty. there is no information on FIITA Secondly Is there any option left to go ahead with called Bandh? So for our satisfaction - I agree - is the only and natural reply. Next time we should restrain ourselves from taking hasty decisions and should give a cooling off period to call single agenda EC meetings on such "burning" issues in future to save ourselves from messy situations.
To all concerned with small players: read properly the point No. A of circulated advisory from said FIITA .
In the name of IPR, again big players want to take control on who can sell and where. Same thing happened in the name of IPR & BIS in parallel imports giving ample space for monopoly in the hands of Brand owners & Local partners (ND).
Bandh is last resort. How we are getting trapped is alarming. Must understand the root cause of all this halla bulla. How IPR become the key to control the market. Think positively for small players. We should not become tool in the name of saviour of small players for the benefits of selected few.