Neighbourhood Watch Capri Village

Emergency numbers are listed in the header image (above) and additional useful numbers are listed at the bottom of this ABOUT section.

This is a closed Group for the residents and known friends of the Capri Community, Cape Town.

CONTENT: To keep the Neighbourhood Watch group uncluttered and for safety and security related issues only, we would prefer you to use the Capri Community group for matters relating to
• pets (lost, found or otherwise)
• baboons
• clean-ups
• music events
• electricity outages
• ADSL lines
• pretty much anything not crime / safety / security related

COURTESY: Please always be respectful towards others. If you find you have posted something that you wish to put some more thought into, there's always the delete or edit option on the right-hand side of your post or comment.

BANKING DETAILS for contributions and donations are in the header image (above)


Capri Community Group

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Valley Pet Directory

Sunnydale Ratepayers & Residents Association

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FOR MORE INFO: E-mail [email protected]


• This is a closed group for the communication of neighbourhood watch activities in Capri Village, Cape Town, South Africa.

• Membership is restricted to residents, family members of residents and / or people who work in Capri.

• Posts contained within this closed group are to remain confidential and are not to be reposted without the express permission from the author.

• Please do not post and / or repost information that may compromise your own security or the security of your fellow community members.

• Personal attacks on members of the community will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

• Commercial advertising is not permitted.


• Crime: Fish Hoek Police 021 784 2700
• Emergency Control Centre 021 782 0333 or 021 782 0444
• Any emergencies while using a cellphone, dial 112
• Night Patroller 073 839 9623 (only when available)
• YMA Security 079 492 4384

• City of Cape Town General Service Enquires - 0860 103 089
• CIVIC CENTRE, Fish Hoek - 021 784 2000/2009
• FIRE SERVICE - 107 from Telkom lines OR 021 480 7700 from cell phones
• WATER - 0860 103 054 (leaks, burst mains, low water pressure, etc.)
• ELECTRICITY - 0860 125 002 (failure or supply problems)
• WHEELIE BINS - 0860 102 640 (stolen, destroyed, replacement, etc.)
• SQUATTERS - 021 913 3347 (office hours) 0800 225 669 (24-hour number)

Baboons: 071 588 6540 (any incursion or problems)
Snake removal: Aidan Shannon: 072 344 4968 / 061 448 8540