In light of recent conversations that have taken place on the CAP STEM forum, I would like to address the views that are being put forth and its relation to STEM. STEM exists in order to address the deficiencies that Africans-Diasporans face in terms of scientific edcuation. It is a known (and very sad) fact that we as a people are at the bottom of the list when it comes to math and scientific proficiency in spite of those talented, individual few. It is our hope that STEM will not only educate, but also spur on scientific innovation. We all come from different faith walks, and our individual worldview is defined by those beliefs. In the realm of math and physics, individual ideologies are rendered moot. It is understood that Africans all over the continent understood and viewed the Universe through its own cultural lens, but in spite of that, gravity is gravity, light is light, and mass is mass. The equations that govern them transcend culture and ideology. We acknowledge and honor the fact that our ancestors did have an understanding of mathematics and engineering at a level that Europeans refuse to acknowledge. Again, I most humbly and respectfully reiterate that we should be focused solely on those things which are measurable and reproducible, and testable i.e hard science. It is understood that all of this is being done in the spirit of uplifting our people from a besieged position due to the inherent racism of Eurocentric hegemony, but we must not allow ourselves to be detracted from the main mission of this forum. Time is precious and we are quickly running out of it. We MUST create real, physical solutions for our people, or resign ourselves to mediocrity and dependency for the foreseeable future…or beyond.

Your Servant,

Michael Ford