CASPAR - Canberra Autism Spectrum Parents and Relatives

This group is by invitation only - all members must be approved by the administrator. **Please when you request to join, send a message to the administrator explaining where you heard of CASPAR and your REASON for joining (eg living in area and have a loved one with ASD or have ASD yourself). Just search for Fiona Brammall and send a personal message. If you have trouble sending me a PM, you can also email me at [email protected]**

This is a group for those in and around Canberra who care for children (and adults!) on the autism spectrum. It is a place to make connections with other people in our community who are all in this crazy boat together, a place to share information, useful links, handy hints, good shows coming up on TV - whatever!

The nice thing about this is that we have a safe place for free discussion without allowing nasties to join in and say horrid things about our kids - we get enough of that out in the 'real world', don't you think? If you know someone who would like to join, just cut and paste the url and pass it on.

We would also like to welcome any other carers - the word '"relatives" just fits the neat little acronym better so please don't feel excluded if you're not a relative!

**new rule**

Blocking: we do not have control over our member’s ability to block one another’s comments. If we did have control, we would not allow members to block one another. The only way our group can remain effective is if people are able to see each and every post listed in comment threads. By depriving one member from viewing a comment, you are in fact depriving all of the members from being able to carry out complete conversations. It is good to have differing points of view.

We encourage respectful discussions about differentiating ideas on topics. If everyone agreed with everything, there would be no room to grow! If you would not like certain members of the group to be able to see your post, please do not post them in the this group, and instead, send the message to individual members.