Catalyst is a Christian College Ministry ...that seeks to invite students into Jesus' Family

Catalyst meets on the UC Davis campus on Thursday nights at 8pm in 1322 Storer. Our night meeting consists of musical worship, fellowship, and a message, usually followed by an afterparty.

In addition to the large group meetings,Catalyst small groups meet throughout the week. There are on-campus groups for freshmen and off-campus groups for upperclassmen. These are groups where you can make life-long friends as you delve deeper into Scripture and discover its meaning for your everyday life—you should totally join one!

Catalyst is a ministry of University Covenant Church, an awesome church in Davis. Check it out some Sunday!

We hope you'll come and check out Catalyst. We genuinely can't wait to meet you.

College Pastor Kyle Thomsen

Get Connected:
Marisa Morton or (760)445-4139