Cancer *CURE* Awareness

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This is in response to the
No make up selfies (girls)
Full make up (guys)
Cock in a sock (guys)
We've raised more millions for pointless research!! Donating money when things are never ever going to change.
Well I've had enough.
We already have the cures we just need to let everybody know about them.
So join "Cancer CURE Awareness" in 5 easy steps
1. Take a tasteful naked picture either holding a piece of paper saying "Cancer CURE Awareness" or use Photoshop to add the text later.
2. Post your picture with this text you are reading right now so anybody seeing your picture will know what to do.
3. Comment on your post and nominate people on your friends list to do the same.
4. Now comes the hard part. Donate at least one single day of your life to researching cancer cures on Google and YouTube.
.5. There really isn't a number five so instead I'll start you off with a great place to start
Cancer The Forbidden Cures
This is the first documentary I saw on Sky TV a few years ago. Just make notes of names of the clips in the film as you watch, then search out the full clip.
If everybody gets involved we the people can make a real difference,
we can't wait for that cure that is still just around the corner.
So to put it simply, it's up to us lets not miss this opportunity.
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