Cekap Technical Services Sdn Bhd was founded in 1994 and began business in project management. Later Cekap Technical Services expanded the range of services when the larger projects required a wider scope and an integrated multi-discipline expertise. Today the company has developed a business niche in the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry as a provider of integrated expertise and multi-discipline services including Project Management, Project Resources, Integrated Operations, Specialty Chemicals Supply & Consultancy, IT, Information Management & Business Solutions, Subsurface and G&G Services, Meteorological, Weather Forecasting and Oceanographic Services.

Cekap Technical Services is 100% Malaysian owned and licenced by PETRONAS (L-295213-P), Ministry of Finance (MOF) (357-01014986) and Construction Industry Development Board ( CIDB Malaysia) (0120050704-WP105175).

Cekap Technical Services track record includes projects in Malaysia, the Asean region, Middle East and North Africa, from onshore , offshore and deepwater sectors.

In 2008 Cekap Technical Services established a wholly owned company Alpha 8 Technology Sdn Bhd to provide sustainability and alternative energy, energy efficiency & renewal energy (EERE) services.

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