Central California Models

The #1 Networking Group for Central California Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Hair Stylists, Photoshop Wizards, and anyone else related with the photography Industry.

Feel free to add your Photography Industry related friends to this group. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner or you will be removed from this group with or without warning. NOTICE: THIS GROUP IS FOR INDUSTRY PERSONS ONLY. THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVICE/CLASSIFIEDS. CREEPERS WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY.


When posting casting calls, create a document for castings so you may edit it as needed. To create a document, click to https://www.facebook.com/groups/cencalmodels/createdoc/
Be sure to specify the following when creating your casting call:
- Artist Type Seeking: (Female, Male, Photographer, Makeup Artist, Styllist, Wardrobe Stylist, Artist/Painter, Body painter, Publication, Film/TV producer, Clothing Designer, Approved agency and/or Digital artist)
- Location: (State, City & Radius)
- Dates: (Start & End Dates)
- Nudity Involved: (Yes/No)
- Compensation: (Negotiable, TF*, Paid, Unpaid Test, etc)
- Contact info: (Name, Email, Phone number, Text info, etc)
- Description: (Be as detailed as possible)


- When replying to someone in a thread, try to mention the name of the person you are replying to if possible.
- Do not type in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS (It is considered aggressive behavior such as shouting)
- When creating a post and you realize you forgot to include info or made a mistake, delete your post and repost your correct post.
- When replying to multiple people in a thread, instead of creating several posts for each reply.. bundle all replies in a single post/reply and specify who each reply is for by starting the reply with their username. (Eg., "Sal Hernandez, that was awesome. Joe Cool, I do not feel the same. Jodie Piper, I agree with your statement." Multiple consecutive replies is annoying and may be considered as flooding.


When posting a photo for critique, specify details of the image & aspects which you are seeking critique.
- Be sure your post includes a short description of image content.
- Give detailed info.Include something about the images: story, what camera, what settings, circumstances, lighting... something.
- Do not post another photographer's photos without permission from that photographer. Any photos violating copyright laws will be removed.
- Do not call someone else's critique invalid based on the quality of their own work. You will be warned the first time, and possibly banned from the group for repeat violations. If it is that obvious, then it is that obvious, so don't make an issue.
- Do not repeat posts. Do not bump your own post to the top of the list more than once a day. Do not create more than one request for critique per day.
- Do not call anyone a GWC or put down any person. Photographers starting out often try to copy what they've seen, and the results can always be haphazard and look bad even when the photographer has the best of intentions.
- Do not just ask for love/Likes. Do not just ask for people to post comments or "Likes" on your pics/pages. You have your own profile/page available for this sort of thing. This is a place to ask for serious help and advice toward improving your work.

BAD CRITIQUE: "Your work sucks."
GOOD CRITIQUE: "I think your work sucks because _____."

BAD CRITIQUE: "It's all amazing, good job!"
GOOD CRITIQUE: "I'm impressed by your work, the {X} is amazing because {Y}. Good job!"

BAD CRITIQUE: "A naked girl doesn't make a good photo. You're nothing but a GWC."
GOOD CRITIQUE: "Your images are all {X} and {Y}, and your portfolio lacks {Z}."


What's allowed:
- Any posts that present an opportunity to models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, artists, or anyone involved with the photography industry.
- Any posts to show your skills/work (images or web links).
- Any posts which advertise your website/contest entry/fan page/profile.
(Limit one post per week unless you "bump" your previously established post)
- Any posts about events which are valid opportunities for members of the group.

What's NOT allowed:
- Non photography industry related posts
- Event promotions which are not opportunities for photography industry members
- Posts which slander or degrade another member of this group.
- Posts which are regarding religious or political views/debates.
- Posts encouraging or providing a means to acquire pirated software/products.
- Posts which are SPAM or Flooding.

Any members violating these guidelines will be removed from this group with or without warning. If anyone has any issues, comments or concerns about this group, feel free to contact Salvador Hernandez (Creator & Main Admin) via private message at http://facebook.com/LasherPhotography