Global Official CentOS User Group

Please note that this group is for support of the CentOS releases only and not respins or other projects such as ClearOS. If using something other than CentOS please seek assistance from those project's support venues.

Self promotion and posts not in connection to CentOS are not allowed and will be deleted.

Study the pinned post, almost everything you need is there. Red Hat Documentation and CentOS Wiki, mailing lists and forums are enough for any use, for those who want to learn. Others can search the net or ask here.

Please be aware that any posting made in this group that puts users at risk ("disable selinux", "disable firewall" or similar) will be removed without hesitation by the group admins. There is never a reason to do this and there exists copious documentation as to how to do things properly. If unsure, ask.

This group is unable to support control panels such as Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin or similar due to the vast number of changes they make to the underlying system including replacing core system components with their own versions. All these panels have support available either through your hosting provider or through the panel vendor; you will need to seek assistance from them.

Note: This is an English language only group; please use google translate or similar tools if necessary.

Further it helps to think about what you wish to post before doing so to give yourself a chance to better word your post. A good resource for how to ask intelligent questions is http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

Common "IM-speak" such as 'u', 'ur' and other such travesties are not welcome here; please use complete sentences when you post to this group.