Central Florida Local Business

This groups purpose is to help promote local business in Central Florida cities such as Orlando, Gainesville, Ocala, Daytona, and everything in between South and North!

Join our group, post offers, share events, post job openings and add friends to build our local business community here in Central Florida.

Today, more than ever, it's important we keep as much money in our local economies as possible. All positive input is welcome ....~JD~

Please introduce your company and location, and what you have to offer when you post to the page. Feel free to post your Facebook Pages, website links and add friends to the group!

Please LIKE each BUSINESS PAGE, LIKE or COMMENT when you can on posts made by other members and SHARE pages when you can. Networking = participating.

Add your events to the event page! Let's make Central Florida a great place to meet and partner with business professionals!

Settings and Housekeeping:
Facebook automatically sets a group like this to notify you every time a post is made ..... to cancel these notifications simply go to edit settings above and disable. Please let your friends know (as you add them) as well so they aren't overwhelmed.

If you see an offensive post, please report it, and an admin will take care of it ASAP! Spammers, fake accounts, hackers, and others with malicious intent and/ or intent other than the stated objectives of the group will be reported and banned immediately at the discretion of the admins.

****New Group Rule****
No more indépendant SALES contractors or consultants are authorized to post. That includes Avon, Mary Kay, Candles, weight loss etc. This group is about fostering local businesses, it is NOT a forum for individuals that are trying to make money for this national brans. We have way to many competing individuals and the entire group is starting to stray from its purpose. We have almost 7,000 members here, and the few are ruining it for the many.

As a side note, if ANY admin believes a post, or a member, is taking advantage of this platform, and not contributing to other businesses growth, as well as their own, they will be perm banned. In other words, if you are not liking other business pages, and only promoting yourself, you are a non- contributor and may be banned.