Classic Film Lovers' Haven

Classic Film Lovers’ Haven Rules Overview:

1. Posts must be related to classic movies, TV, cartoons, or serials.
2. Topics discussed must be 30 years old or older (1985 or older).
3. Don’t advertise other Facebook groups in CFLH.
4. Don’t advertise items for sale.
5. Don’t spread rumors about stars or other members.
6. No foul language, sexual innuendo, or slurs.
7. Keep politics, race, and religion out of the conversation.
8. No nudity, sex, drug use, or gory violence.
9. Discuss intelligently, and with respect for others.
10. Don’t block admins.
11. Don’t let troublemakers get away---REPORT.
12. Don’t call “censorship” because admins enforce rules.
13. Discuss films with delicate subject matter with regard to their era.
14. Keep a positive attitude towards others!
If you wish to review our complete, more detailed rules, please follow this link:

To contact an administrator with a question, message one of the following:

« Cassandra Cass Latham Majors
« Brad Holway
« Gillian Thomson
« Mike Dirienzo
« Bill Jart
« Kimba Kat
« Katrina Selby
« Desiree Michele Colson
« Brad Filippone
« Erin Marsee Irby
« Rob Barnetta
« Debbie Eckert
« Rayna Adams
« Todd Thomas
« Josh Jorenby

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Group Mascot: Flim Flam
Group Acronym: CFLH
Group's Inauguration Date: October 13th, 2011

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