We the People

.* We believe the famil...y is the foundation of a stable society.
* We believe in fiscal restraint and accountability for all levels of government
* We believe that the best government is that which governs least. However, we believe that the proper role of government is to help provide for those who can not help themselves.
* We believe in free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative.
* We believe that the strength of United States lies with the individual and that every person’s dignity, freedom, liberty, ability and responsibility must be honored and protected.
* We believe the defense of our safety and sovereignty is the primary responsibility of the national government.
* We believe that the most effective, responsive and responsible government is that which is closest to the people.
* We believe in the sanctity of life.
* We believe that the border should be closed and immigration should be ended from enemies of America
* We believe that our Military should remain the most powerful in the world.
* We believe America should not give support to any nation that sponsors Islam let them hate us for free.
* We believe that the second Amendment is the first right that protects all the others.
*We support Israels right to exsist and stand with our real allies. See More