Ondo State Chapel of Grace

The Spiritual Look of Year 2015...... Ondo State Grace Chapel 1. God has gone ahead of us into the Year 2. For those who will continue to trust in me, (God) covenant of life is renewed again for your sake this year 3. Age long promises will be attended to 4. There will be many more "settlements" this year 5. Though the road appeared blocked, there will be a way 6. Not the way you think, but the way I (God) choose it to be, wait on me! 7. So many "shocking events" will characterize the year 8. A year of divine judgment upon ritualists and cults 9. Spiritual candles will be blown out of their positions, but those who seek me (God) in prayers and fasting will retain theirs. 10. As long as the moon cannot be pulled down by anybody, your life and destiny is safe in my hands. Prayers
1. Pray against strange battles 2. Pray against undefined confusion 3. Pray against unusual mass hatred for good works 4. Pray against robery attack and assassinations 5. Pray God to silence "covered blood" crying for vengeance Shalom!