Character Driven Media

CharacterDriven is produced by Joani and airs on CHLY 101.7, every Monday at 2 pm. The show focuses on the story behind the people- the people that drive the ideas, innovations, productions and events that enrich our lives and make us think. Thinking is a major part of the creative process and it's the people who cannot contain their thoughts that impact our world.

Character Driven Media has been providing media services globally to highlight artists and musicians as well as creating and broadcasting events and media, workshops and information that may not otherwise be accessed by audiences and event participants.

Character Driven Media has been offering creative production and media services since 1979. As a media artist and event coordinator, Joan Herron creates images on film and digital formats, original words and music and has received awards for her work as a writer, photographer and director. Her work as a teacher, makeup artist and, most recently as the developer of a unique, online and point of sale 24/7 ticketing service has been challenging, but most of all it has been the foundation of a creative life that has no bounds or borders!
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