Charity Auction (Soi Dogs)

What is this group?

This is an online auction group -All items posted for auction are to raise money for SOI DOG - The charity that saves dogs destined for the meat trade (amongst others).Once rescued from the tiny cramped cages that several dogs are shoved into at once the dogs face another battle-how to afford to feed & vaccinate them.
Please help by either buying or donating something at one of the auctions

How do I donate an item or bid for one?

To donate an item simply upload a picture of the item including a starting bid price,p&p details and an Auction End time & date.
Sending the items to the winning bidder is you responsibility so you must liase with the winner.
Details of how they pay are found below,we suggest once they have paid Soi Dog via Paypal that they forward reciept onto the seller as proof before you send.
To bid for an item is simple - simply enter the amount you wish to bid under the picture before the auction end date.
If you win,pay Soi dog the winning amount via paypal '[email protected]' and forward the reciept to the seller as proof of payment.
It is YOUR responsibility to liase with the seller,the site and Admin take NO responsibility for this.

Sometimes items will be sold to raise money for other worthy causes,it is the sellers responsibility to make this known when posting the item so the seller is fully aware who the item is being sold for.

How do I pay Soi Dog?

** [email protected] ** This is the email address on Paypal to send your money to - please then forward the paypal reciept to the person you have bought the goods from.
This is not an ideal method - but the only one we have.Please remember we are all doing this as a way to get much needed funds to a fantastic charity,so please have a bit more patience than you would have with Ebay !