Italiano food

About Italian cuisine :
Italian cuisine is one of the most famous kitchens in the world and is second only to French cuisine and depends Bossvath the Nature called the kitchen or kitchen rural farmer and meets the needs of the body of vitamins , minerals, carbohydrates , proteins , and fits all strata of society which is completely independent from the rest of the international cuisine
Pasta : famous Italian Pasta and Pasta Italian forms and different types of nutritional value and no names of each type and form him and Fotuccina and the lasagna
Pizza : The pizza dough from simple pasta and called the world 's first Pizza Margherita ratio of Queen Margherita and fork , including many kinds of pizza
Admirals : famous kitchen Italian seefood , such as prawns, salmon , grouper and offers a main meal and facilities Pasta and pizza
Meat: white meat such as chicken and red meat such as beef and lamb offer kitchen facilities and as Risah meal of pasta and sauces for pasta and pizza
Cheese : There are many kinds of cheeses and each type of road in preparation such as mozzarella and Albermazan
Alrozoto : a medium - sized rice cooked with certain Italian Talsat
Authorities: There are many kinds of Italian authorities and featuring magnificent Bdikoratiha and distinctive flavor and full diversity in terms of nutritional value and beautiful forms .
I hope that I have provided a summary of an ancient cuisine from the kitchens of the