Chennai Moore Market

Long long ago, there existed Chennai Moore market in our own Chennai. Now it’s back again.

This group 'The Chennai Moore market' is a place to donate/sell/buy/barter/rent used/recycled products (Books, Babies products, Furniture,Automobiles and the like)

1) Buy New, used/Recycled products.
2) Sell New, used/Recycled products.
3) Donate New/ Unused/ Used/ Recycled products.

Also, if there is any specific requirement, please POST your exact product requirements.

Product description
Availability (duration - if in case you are moving out, mention the deadline for sales)
Location (Velachery, adyar, etc)
Reason for selling
Price (mandatory)
(No email ids/phone numbers)

1. Give as much information as possible about the product. (dimensions, price, etc)
2. Include recent pictures of products you are selling.
3. Use private messages to contact the seller/buyer.
4. Post only once about the product.
5. If the product is sold, please leave a comment that it is sold. Everyone will be able to save time smile emoticon
6. Do your research before asking the seller to reserve it for you. When you commit to a seller, please stick to it.
7. If your product is in demand, please inform the users transparently about the status. When you commit to a buyer, please stick to it.

1. No auctions are allowed.
2. Advertising (products & services).
3. Revealing your personal details (email ID/mobile nos).
4. Discount sales/selling excess
5. No Brokers (Only owners of the products can post)
6. No albums. Please upload the pictures individually and write the description along with it.

If you want to sell/give off products,
1. On the group wall, click on "Add Photo/Video" link (Sometimes it appears as "Share Photo/Video").
2. Under that Click on "Upload Photos/Videos".
3. Upload the picture(s) of your product along with the following details in the description.
* Product for Sale: Product name
* Price: Money in Rs/Free
* Negotiable: Yes/No
* Condition: New/Old/Never Used
* Reason for Selling: Moving on to a new product/ etc
* Location: Egmore /Anna Nagar etc
* Self Pickup: Yes/Can Deliver/Willing to courier(for items like books,cds)

If you have any requirements, Write on the wall with as much description as possible.
* Product name
* Specifications (Give as much description as possible - Year of make, Mileage, Dimensions, etc)
* Your Budget (In case you want to do a barter, what is that you are willing to offer)

1. Chennai Moore Market is not responsible for the quality of the product you are buying/selling/receiving.
(You can choose not to read from here on)
2. Moore refers to Sir George Moore who was the president of Madras Corporation.
3. We truly acknowledge Gordon Moore (Moore's Law) without whom this group wouldn't exist.