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continuous posts from a single vendor does reduce the visibility of posts from other vendors , such continuous posts will be considered SPAM and will lead to post deletion at first and later may lead to a permanent Ban of the poster from the community.

Please Restrict yourselves to 2 posts a day, this is to give a fair chance to every vendor. If more than two posts are made , they might be deleted , the poster might be removed / banned.

Disclaimer: The Admins cannot be held responsible for the sale of the products or the workshop conducted and for dealing with any claims related .

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COM supports its vendors who help spreading the word about COM and adding more members to COM, the admins and team of moderators monitor the new additions happening, if you would like to have your business in coverpage , add members to the the group and send a FB message to "OpenMarket India" id, the admins would respond to you based on availability of slots and priority . There is no cost involved , COM is free, now and forever. Admins shall pin posts if they feel certain things are time bound .