I love my Chihuahua

Please share your links, pictures, videos, and Stories about the... Best Breed of dog, The Chihuahua! We do not promote the breeding of Chihuahuas, at all, we try our best to try and find homes for those in need, although our first goal is to be a friendly group where you can share your babies pictures.

Responsible breeding, to us is defined as breeding if there is a need, with chihuahuas being the 2nd most euthanized dog in the United States, there is not a need for it at all. Every puppy born is a shelter dog put to death for no reason other than not having a place to call home. Please don't ever post that you breed, or that you have puppies for sale, or you will be banned.

Thanks for coming to our group, we love all of our members, please be civil and respectful to one another, and most importantly, have fun! If you are interested in adopting a shelter dog, please let one of the admins know, we would be happy to help you find the perfect companion!

There will be ABSOLUTELY NONE of the following, it will result in banning, because we've been there, done that, and its time it comes to a stop, sooo...these things will get you banned: This group is an anti breeding group. We do not allow any posts or comments about breeding. This includes pictures or discussions of pregnant dogs or litters of puppies, posts or comments looking for mates. Sales or rehoming of dogs/ puppies is also prohibited. Fund raisers must be approved before posting. We also do not allow any posts advertising Facebook pages or personal websites. This group is for sharing photos and stories about Chihuahuas. Also for your pets safety any posts or comments asking for medical advice will be deleted. A social media site full of unqualified people is not the place for that. If you pet is sick or hurt please seek the advice of a trained professional. If any of these rules are broken the post/comment will be deleted and you will be banned without warning. We want this group to be a friendly place to share your babies so please be nice to one another. If something someone posts bothers you just keep scrolling or bring it to the attention of an admin. Rude comments and or foul language will not be tolerated. You WILL be banned. If you have any issues with these rules this may not be the group for you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact an admin. Thank you.
Admins: Melina Michelle, Sara Dickson, Michelle VonStein, Christina Bland and Tonya Richardson