Chino Valley Beer and Friends


This group is for anything beer-related. Specifically this is an Inland-Empire group and even more specifically a Chino Valley group. (Anyone that likes beer or wants to share something about beer is still very welcome here!)

Remember this is a social page and meant for members to share beer news, updates and comments in a casual, stress free, open and fun environment.

Professional promoters: promoting your beer event is not allowed on the group page without first working with a moderator. It is highly preferable that discounts or special offers for group members are included in your promotions. One (1) warning will be given to members promoting their professional event improperly, without prior permission. After that removal from the group will occur.

Spamming your promotions to group members through private message, email, text, etc. is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from the group!

Joining specifically to solicit your non-beer related services is strictly forbidden and will also result in immediate removal from the group.

If you are a regular contributor and you forget the above rules, you may be forgiven (based on severity of breach) however you will be forced to drink Bud Light (or some similar swill) at the next group event.

Have fun, keep it light, and drink on!