CHORLEY.. Buy,Sell,Swap or Free

This group is dedicated to helping the public buy and sell items on a personal basis, please be kind enough to follow a very simple set of rules outlined below.they are here for your benefit to make the site run smoothly .

We have continuously seen members ignore these rules and if we see them persistently ignored then you will be blocked and your posts removed.

The following posts will not be tolerated in any way and potentially reported to the police if believed to be of an illegal nature:


Loan Sharks / Gambling / Get Rich Quick Schemes, recruitment Adverts


Medical Supplies / Illegal Substances / Diet Pills, Certain Body Building Supplements/Teeth whitening


No EBAY Links

Alcohol / Tobacco / Aerosols / Razors/Knives

NO ANIMALS (except lost & found)

As much as these may be genuine adverts, people trawl these types of pages looking for dogs to put to fight, hence are not allowed to be posted here.
We now have a zero tolerance on any member breaking any rule

Most of the above should not be posted due to common sense but we are moderating a shocking amount of posts containing them.

You MUST state a price for item 'offers' on items will be immediately deleted

Please check you privacy settings when uploading pics.

No recruitment ads, this is an immediate ban

Remember: this group is for selling on a personal basis. No Big Businesses allowed to advertise even through a third party.Small local businesses are allowed.

We have also seen people putting multiple posts one after another which is clogging the page, we will be taking a much stronger view on this and delete multiple posts without further warning as an album can easily created and linked to the page, for instructions follow the link:

Please remember that once your item is sold, delete your post, this makes searching much easier and much more friendly.

All in all, we hope you find what your looking for and if you have any questions, get in touch with one of our moderators.