Christian Internet Marketing

A group dedicated to Christian Internet Marketing. We are working together to build multiple streams of income through website and blog development.

Let's remember to conduct ourselves with love for one another here. John 13:34-35

Group Rules:

- Only legitimate FB Personal Profile accounts welcome.

- Working together means to contribute in some way to others. Please ensure you are adding value to the group by Posting Content and Commenting on other's Posts.

- Multiple posts in one day of your 'opportunity' or "opportunities' or the same content over and over is not good for the group and will not get you the results you are seeking - they are, therefore, not allowed.

- Spamming your opportunity as Comment(s) on another person's post(s) is not permitted - we should be supporting one another, not merely targeting each other as potential clients.

- You may NOT artificially "bump" your posts up - either by commenting on your own posts or by other means.

- Posts promoting recruitment of others into any type of hierarchical or matrix opportunities that mimic a pyramid or ponzi structure will be removed, and you should strongly consider avoiding such groups

- Sexually oriented, suggestive or pornographic images, information and promotions are prohibited

- Foul language and cursing or like images is not allowed, nor are links to such content, as we should remember Ephesians 5:4

You will be warned only once, then banned from the group.