Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Christian is not just believing in God because even Satan believes that God exist. A Christian is being in a relationship with God and surrendering to Him completely it is not just going to church every Sunday as man made religion claims that you have to be a member of their church to be saved and you have to go by their beliefs and traditions in order to receive the blessing to enter into heaven. And man made religion comes up with their own rules and if you are not following them you are going to hell. Being in a relationship you are no longer under the law instead you are under God's grace. Religion divides and kills this is why we have so many backsliders and so many self righteous people looking down on others. The truth is this if we are in a true relationship with God we wouldn't look down on others instead we would be like Christ and bring them up with love and mercy and we wouldn't be so ready to judge or condemn people instead we would show them that their is love and hope in Jesus Christ.