Christians Answering Atheists

Group rules

1. Everyone here is equal that includes all religious persuasions or lack thereof.

2. When in doubt follow the Golden Rule.

3. Please do not over-post new topics. Keep posts to 2/day.

4. No preaching

5. No advertising/linking/posting other groups, pages or blogs unless an admin has approved it (this includes links to your own blogs, pages, groups)

6. No blocking of admins (this will result in immediate removal from the group)

7. No excessive blocking of other members

8. No deleting posts with replies on, if you feel you have to please contact an
admin to explain why BEFORE deleting

9. No Graphically violent, obscene or sexual images

10. Bigotry in any shape or form will not be tolerated

11. No Trolling

12. Absolutely no topics relating to abortion, it has very little to do with religion and is an emotional subject for lots of people. There are other groups for that topic.

13. No sharing posts from the group page outside of the group.

Please note :: while we do not discourage people of other faiths joining the group, the group is called Christians answering Atheists, so any topics about other faiths will be deleted

Please contact admin. via PM with any issues you may have.
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