Church of Jediism


Here at the International Church of Jediism we connect Jediism people of all walks of life from all genre and back grounds to the one goal of uniting the understanding and fulfillment of life in its greatest form.

You don’t have to change your religion or drop a certain belief
to become a part of the International Church of Jediism. All you need is to understand and use the tools of the International Church of Jediism in your existence and you will see mass life improvement almost over night.

There will one day be a world in which there is no discrimination, no violence and no poverty. The Church of Jediism is focused on unifying people from all walks of life in order to achieve this goal.

Our Doctrine.

"Similar phrases have been used extensively by many different people for the last 13,000 years to describe the 'life force,''- George Lucas.

In The Church of Jediism we believe in the Force. The Force is the very energy that surrounds us, it is what gives a martial artist his or her power and it is an energy that creates life as it flows through and around us. We believe that the Force binds the very fabric of the universe together. The force is the very matter that makes the universe, and that same matter brings the stars and the planets and us as human’s into existence. We are forms of expressions of the Force, a single Consciousness experiencing life and what the force has to offer us and in the force we are but a droplet of water in the ocean. The Force is known to many as Chi, Bhrama, Prana, Gia, the God head, Allah, The Tao and soforth. We do not worship the Force as a god as we and the Force are one.

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The COJ High Council Members:

*Grandmaster Morda Hehol, Founder of the COJ. (Daniel Morgan Jones)

*Master Anzai Kooji Cutpa, High Arbiter of the Church of Jediism, Chief Justice and Commander of the Shadow Knights. (Paul Cutler)

*Master Patrick Chi-Pa Amshe Day-Childs, Academy Director-Global Learning and Branding

*Master Daqian Xiong, Chief Librarian, Overseer of the Archives and Protector of its Knowledge. Head of the Order of First Knowledge (Christopher Robert Porter)

*Master Kurisutelin Cho Chrest, Principal Response Representative and Custodian of Records (current elected leader) (Chrissie H)

*Master Rogue Wolfie Kibilski, Knight Errant