CrazyHotelWorkers - The Back Office

Just a group of CrazyHotelWorkers

This version of CHW is for hotel workers ONLY. You MUST have your hotel listed as your work place and have it visible to the public to join the back office. Once you're approved you can remove and/or hide it but we need to know you belong here to join. Thanks!

Group rules:
::RULES:: The Somethingth Edition "CrazyHotelWorkers Rules to Live by!"

1. Be Nice – Hate the guests, hate your coworkers, but don’t hate on other CHW members. Snarking our community or its members will get you banned.

2. Keep it on topic – If it doesn't concern working in a hotel, it doesn't belong here unless you've cleared it with an admin first. (Topics that are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form include religion and politics.)

3. Misbehavers – It works just like the hotel. First is a polite warning. Second is the stern warning. Third time you get evicted. Appeal to Management via We reserve the right to remove you from the community without warning in the event that you post threatening a specific person, spam the community, or discuss your participation in any illegal activities. In this event, we may also report your post to the proper authorities if necessary.

ABSOLUTELY NO FLOUNCE POSTS. Posting that you're leaving will result in you getting the boot/banned/your post deleted. After all, you were leaving, right????

What is CHW?

An organization for the hospitality industry; providing peer counseling, continuing education, and networking oportunities to all interested current and former hospitality professionals.

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