Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati

Location: 15 Moline Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45223 (Northside)
Website: http://www.cincinnatidharma.org/

Whether you are just beginning to explore meditation or have been practicing for years, you are welcome to join us in quiet sitting, in which. little by little, so much can be discovered and resolved.

The Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati provides an open and supportive environment for practicing meditation and studying the dharma. Our purpose is to cultivate a path which leads to awakening through:

- Maintaining a weekly schedule of silent group meditation
-Providing instruction in simple sitting and walking meditation common to all Buddhist traditions
-Offering opportunities to deepen one's practice through dharma study, periodic extended meditation, open discussions, and dharma talks
-Supporting dharma practice at all levels
-Sharing a compassionate approach to life with the larger community