Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

The aim of this Group and its subsidiary factions in all the regions of Spain and the islands is; to provide independent advice information and support for all interested expatriates and Spaniards alike. Such a support group is imperative especially for hundreds of thousands of non Spanish residents who often struggle to understand the existing and ever changing laws and rules.

We are an apolitical concern but with our growing membership intend to become a strong enough force to be able to lobby for our rights. We are aware that we also need a functional and serious consumer protection agency.

We provide a free service but donationa are appreciated to cover expensed we incur in assisting our members. You may be aware that we have in under 18 months since conception held our third free seminare. We are also registered NPO/NGO organisation.

We have rules such as being polite and correct with one another, we are not here to judge but to try our best to offer solutions.

Though we do not have an office, we are CAB Spain. Please keep the posts in relation to this. We will not approve posts asking for service providers.

There is a no links rule. We rely on our advisors and professionals providing accurate information and not supposition. By joining our group you are accepting and abiding by these rules.

Debates are allowed and encouraged on our website rather than on the page as these are lost to Facebook scroll..

Governmental, state bodies, dept of social security, town halls, police and DGT (trafico). You will now find these and much more in our interactive website.

Our interactive website can be found at: All contact details can be found there.

Advisors will approve/answer questions between 0900-1800 on weekdays.

What CAB Spain is NOT!

CABS is not intended to be a replacement for professional services and our advice to you may well be that you need to seek professional assistance.

We can help you negotiate the day-to-day aspects of life in Spain but we are not equipped to perform the functions of Lawyer, Accountant or Tax Adviser. Our intention is to compile a list of reliable and trustworthy professionals and will try to secure the best arrangements for you.

We already have a a corporate partnership with a law firm in the top ten with a wide presence in Spain and abroad.

Thank you for caring. We are 'stronger together'


Citizens Advice Bureau Spain will do our best to ensure that all advisory and informative content provided is accurate. We take into consideration that many of our community, also have the right and desire to contribute. This in itself is commendable and appreciated. We must make it clear that Citizens Advice Bureau Spain endeavour to only provide professional and accurate advice and information, will not accept any liability for any loss or damage as a consequence of members or others use of the content including advice or information provided on our pages.