City Dog Share - Denver

City Dog Share is a free dog-sitting co-op for people who love dogs. Email [email protected] if you are not added to the group within a few days.

These groups are where all of the dog-sharing activities take place. Scroll through the group's history to get a feel for how things work and, if you haven't done so already, click us a Like on our fanpage!

Once you become a member, you can invite your friends! Just type their name into the "+Add People to Group" box on the right side of the group wall. And remember, new members are encouraged to VOLUNTEER once for someone else before requesting a share of their own.

Please limit posts and discussions to dog sharing and CDS-approved events/activities - ONLY - no unnecessary, off-topic, monetization, or foster/adoption/advocacy items in the groups. You can message the fanpage if you have questions but please, be nice.. this is a volunteer-run operation.

If you would like to get more involved with City Dog Share's nonprofit operations, we have some internship opportunities on If you have some other thoughts or activities you would like to contribute, you can send us an email or message us through the fanpage.

Thanks in advance.. and welcome!

♥ Due to the social nature of this forum, sitter references are always in check. And hopefully, we can expand our network of trust, finding people whose references check out because, at least, they are friends of friends. ♥