I Remember Clark Air Base

If you remember Clark and all its beauty before it was premature...ly closed.

Thank you to everyone who has joined!

In the spirit of the group, I would like to ask that all posts (including photos, events, etc.) be kept relative to Clark Air Base and the Philippines. I also ask that your posts and comments not include religious or political statements/rants. Any posts containing degrading, derogatory, or defamatory remarks against or about a specific culture, person, organization, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or the like will be removed immediately and your membership to this group may be revoked. Any post that cannot be viewed by the administrator can/will be removed without prior notice.

We all appreciate the photos - both new and old - you post and would like to continue seeing them; however, please utilize the option of creating an album to upload your photos to. By uploading each photo one by one to the wall, it creates clutter and makes it difficult to navigate through the posts. By uploading your photos to a specific album, you can organize them accordingly and therefore make it easier to know what we are looking at as well as easier to find.

Should any of you have any questions regarding the above statement, please feel free to contact me privately. Again, thank you all for your membership to the group and please continue posting!!