Classic Film Chat

Classic Film Chat is devoted to the films of the 1920's through the 1960's. Each month we focus on a different topic related to classic
Hollywood. We are a very active community, and are dedicated to keeping the films of the golden age of Hollywood alive!

Classic Film Chat Guidelines

1. No spam or porn. If you see spam or inappropriate posts you may contact me directly through a private message, or flag and report the post. Flagging the post is the best method unless you have a deeper concern. If the group feed is particularly busy on a day you report something, I will see it immediately if you flag it. Otherwise, i often have to sift through multiple posts to find it, and it can be very time consuming.
2. Please keep within the parameters of our classic film time-frame, which is the 1920’s – 1960’s. Random posts are welcome, but please be sure to participate in and not overwhelm out monthly themes as so much hard work goes into them. Please do not duplicate posts, rather comment on the existing one. (half a dozen different birthday posts on the same star overwhelm the monthly themed posts and all but the first will be removed)
3. Please do not argue or discuss politics / religion or make personal attacks against other members. I would like to think of ourselves as a community of friends. Please feel free to debate, just keep it respectful! Rudeness to other isn't tolerated. If anyone is having an issue please feel free to private message me so we can try and resolve it. Also, Classic Film Chat is a wonderful place to make new friends, but please don't use it as your daily chat room for lengthy personal conversations.
4. If you have your own group/blog/page you must ask and get approval before sharing in the group, or it will be deleted and you may be banned from the group. I only allow shares for a share if asked. I have had far too many people join for the sole purpose of promoting their own things without ever contributing to the group. I am not here to provide free advertising.
5. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in removal from the group.
• Tuesdays are Trivia Tuesdays – Tuesdays are great fun, so please save all your trivia questions for our designated day.
* Click into "files" to see our long-range schedule. If you see a monthly theme that you would like to work, just let me know, and i will add you to the schedule. Usually a group of volunteers work on a month together, deciding who is going to do what on what days.- Jennifer Taylor, owner and founder of Classic Film Chat.