Club Bébé Voyage

Congratulations! You have been hand-p...icked to join “Club Bebe Voyage”.

In order for fellow Bebe Voyagers to get to know you, please introduce yourself by letting everyone know where you're based, where you've traveled or are planning on traveling and how old your little one is. We love pictures too!

Please read through the posts to get to know the other Bebe Voyagers and see what they're talking about. If you know someone in the group who would be relevant to a particular conversation, feel free to tag them in the comment section so they can get involved too. In case you didn't know, there is a search function above Members (right above here), so you can search for things like "strollers" or "prams" and see if others have already started a discussion about it. And of course, if you have any questions about traveling with a baby, feel free to ask!

After having babies two years ago, we (Marianne and Juliet), who have always been big travelers, kept on traveling, but had a lot of questions that we couldn't easily get answered. Let’s face it! Traveling with babies is… a challenge, but we are determined that we can make it easier for you. How? By forming an exclusive club of well-traveled parents based around the world who will be able to help each other out.

How amazing would it be if prior to embarking on a plane with a screaming baby across the world, you could talk to a fellow parent based over there and get the clear answers you need. Perhaps you’re based in Europe and are traveling to South Africa or to Australia this season. Does your destination country carry that specific type of organic yogurt your baby loves? Or perhaps you are worried about the length of the flight and the transfer in between. Your questions and concerns have more than likely been experienced first-hand by a fellow Bebe Voyager who will be able to alleviate your fears.

You are our very first members, and to thank you for helping contribute to Bebe Voyage’s growth, you will forever be a Bebe Voyager free of charge! This Facebook group is the beta version for what will ultimately become a much bigger service for traveling with babies. We encourage you to invite fellow travel-minded parents who you feel would benefit from this service and would bring value to the group.

Welcome to the Club!

Marianne & Juliet
Bebe Voyage
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